Commissioned portraits

Before beginning any portrait Jan discusses with the client what they had in mind and can help and guide them towards their ideal portrait. To this end Jan has a huge portfolio of previous commissions and can show clients examples of different types of portrait. These range from the single head study to a head study with single or multiple sketches of the subject arranged round it to portraits of several animals on one piece of work. The portraits are all designed to give the client exactly what they were hoping for and with Jan's help and expertise they are able to explore ideas they hadn't even considered.

If the work is to be of multiple subjects then Jan will often  email a rough sketch of the arrangement of the individual animals in relation to each other, so clients can see how it will look. 

Business Meeting
Chalk pastels

Chalk pastels

Jan's preferred medium is soft pastels as they give a very natural effect and are excellent for blending the subtle nuances of coat colour and texture. She does work in other mediums if required, but all the costings on this site are for pastels.


Please enquire for quotes in other mediums. 

Home visits

Jan really prefers to meet and photograph her subjects herself as the time she spends with them allows her to gain a great insight into the individual characters of the animals. When she is working on the portrait at home she then has a whole raft of memories to call upon to bring out the animal she met. It also means that she can take as many photographs as she needs, get close-up shots of details like eyes (oh so important!) and get the photographs that really show the animal at its best.

However Jan does sometimes accept a commission to work on a portrait without seeing the subject if a visit is impossible due to loss of the animal or extreme distance. In these circumstances Jan will ask to see the photographs that the client already has and will only agree to do the work if the photographs are good enough to allow her to produce a portrait of her usual standard.

The only exception to this is action shots, which still need to be of good quality and clear, but are more about the muscle and the action than about character.