Headstudies are charged at £150 per head. Multiple animals can be added to a single commission at a further rate of £150 per additional head.

Full bodies, illustrations, and other customisations may be available upon request at additional cost. Please speak to Jan to discuss your options.


Framing varies from one commission to another depending on size and choice of frame, but an average for a single headstudy is around £70.00.

Travel & Photo Sessions

Charged at 40p per mile for travel expenses, plus £5 per hour for travel time.

Photo sessions are charged at £10 per hour.

Case Study

Order for a single headstudy in chalk pastel of a dog, with framing and 30 mile visit to client.

Headstudy: £150

Frame: £75

Visit Time: £20

Visit Travel: £24 

Toal: £269